New blog site and free giveaway

We are happy to announce the first installment of Connley Walker’s security industry blog at

To celebrate this, Connley Walker is providing Simon Walker’s book “Operational risk management: Controlling opportunities and threats. ISBN 0957907400, 2001” as a free download.

This book was first published by Connley Walker in 2001 and has been used for many years as a university text book. The book is now out of date as some standards that it refers to have now changed, but it offers a solid structure for applying risk management. We are considering a complete re-write to bring it up to date.

The book is now freely available for download from the link

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“Risk managers receive countless newsletters, press releases and e-mails heralding new and exciting ideas for the profession. Unfortunately, the products rarely live up to the scores of sensational words that marketers use to promote them. Walker’s book on operational risk management, however, delivers what it promises: a truly thought– provoking approach to risk and risk management.”


Author: Simon Walker

Simon established Connley Walker Pty Ltd in 1996. He is a Fellow of Engineers Australia, a Registered Building Practitioner, a Member of the Australian Institute of Project Management, a Registered International Professional Engineer, a Registered APEC Engineer, and an SCEC Endorsed Security Zone Consultant. He is the author of the books Operational risk management: Controlling opportunities and threats, 2001 ISBN 0957907400 and Hospital and Health Care Security in Australia, 2009 ISBN 978-0-9579074-1-6.