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Commonwealth Law Courts

Connley Walker was engaged by the Commonwealth Law Courts on numerous occassions.Selected projects include:

2017 Security Risk Assessment of Brisbane Courts.

2016 Design of new CCTV systems in Adelaide and Melbourne Courts.

2016 Design of security upgrades for the custody areas in all buildings.

2016 Development of Operational Management Plan for custody cells in courts.

2016 Security Risk Assessment of Chambers in Canberra.

2015 Review of car park security in Sydney and Melbourne.

2015 Security risk assessment and design of security for refurbishment works in Sydney.

2015 Security review of the Darwin Federal Court.

2014 Review of access control systems in Adelaide for compliance with the building code.

2014 Development of a specification for the preventative and corrective maintenance at all buildings.

2014 Design of security for the new Federal Court facilities in Sydney.

2014 Audit of all security equipment (condition, quantity, age etc.) at all Commonwealth Law Court buildings.

2013 Review of access control systems in Adelaide.

2011 and 2006 Security review of all courts throughout Australia.

2011 Design of security for new court rooms in Sydney.

2010 Design of upgraded duress alarm system.

2004 Security review of the Darwin Federal Court.