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Family Court of Australia

Connley Walker was engaged by the Family Court of Australia for the following projects:

2016 Review of security at Cairns and Melbourne.

2016 Security risk assessment in Sydney.

2015 Security risk assessment and equipment design for the upgrade of the subpoena viewing rooms at Melbourne and Cairns.

2014 Design of security for their relocation to the Darwin Supreme Court building.

2013 Security reviews at Dandenong and Sydney.

2013 Design of security upgrades to the Sydney Court Child Dispute Services.

2012 Security risk assessment at Sydney.

2012 Technical assistance with the sourcing of entry weapons detection equipment.

2012 Design and project management of a CCTV upgrade at their Darwin site.

2011 Review of CCTV systems in Court and the development of a standard.

2011 and 2006 Security risk assessment of all sites.

2006 Security risk assessment of executive offices.

2006 Review of duress alarm requirements, weapons detection, CCTV, duress radio technology.

2006 Review of Duress Radio technology.

2006 Review of Sydney CCTV.