Welcome to Connley Walker - Security, Risk and ICT Consultants.

About Us

What We Offer

Connley Walker was established in 1996 to provide independent consultancy services in the areas of security, technology and risk management. Our approach is to translate modern risk management principles into cost effective practical solutions for our clients. We achieve this by examining a client's management strategies and apply the available human, technology and physical resources to give a balanced result. Our emphasis is on finding the optimum level of risk management for a particular client. The optimum level is one that balances the cost of protection with the cost of losses to provide an overall minimum cost.

Where We Operate

Connley Walker provides a world wide service. We have completed assignments in Australia, Samoa, Solomon Islands, England, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Timor and South Africa.

Our Key Differences:

  • We are fully independent.
  • Our independence ensures our integrity. As independent security and risk consultants we do not provide any insurance, guards, equipment, installation services, investigation services, employment services or any other item that may be a recommendation in our reports. In this way, clients can be confident that our recommendations are free from pecuniary interests.

  • We are genuine security and risk consulting specialists.
  • Unlike general IT, building services, engineering or communications consultancies, we are genuine security and risk specialists. Security is our core business, not an add on.

  • We contribute to security research.
  • Connley Walker partnered with the University of Canberra, Western Australian Department of the Attorney-General, Family Court of Australia, Courts Administration Authority and the Magistrates Court of Victoria on a significant security related research project titled 'Fortress or Sanctuary, Enhancing Court Safety by Managing People, Places and Processes'. By contributing to research Connley Walker have access to the latest thinking in security.

  • We represent Engineers Australia on security related Australian Standards.
  • This contribution to the development of security related Australian Standards ensures that we are always up to date with current best practice and can advise clients of impending changes to standards.

  • Environmental Management.
  • Connley Walker treats environmental impacts very seriously. We operate a genuine paperless office and encourage working from home to minimise transport environmental impacts.

  • Safety Management.
  • Connley Walker has a Safety in Design System that is fully compliant with the requirements of AS4801 (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems).

  • Client Data Security.
  • Our clients' data is secure. Data storage is separated from the internet and is contained on fully encrypted drives.

  • Business Continuity.
  • The continuity of our operations is secured via an effective business continuity plan. In the event of the complete physical loss of our head office and servers, we can be fully operational again within 30 minutes. Backup data for business continuity is retained on offsite encrypted media.