Reasons Why You Should Work From Home

With the current Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, many people may be pushed into the future by having to work from home. Over the next few weeks, the benefits of having staff work from home may come as a surprise to many business owners.

Now from a staff's perspective imagine being offered a new job that paid up to $10k more than your current salary, offered more time with your family, more flexibility and most importantly a job that helped the environment by cutting down on your emissions. Accepting the job would be a no-brainer wouldn't it?

Well, what if all of this was possible simply by working from home?

These days it isn't uncommon to work from home, In fact around one in three employed Australians regularly work from home according to The Australian Bureau of Statistics. While working from home may come with challenges, there are also many benefits for the staff, business owners and the environment.

If you're working for yourself or are in a flexible position at work, there are countless benefits to working from home. Here are a few reasons why you should consider working from home.

    Environmental Benefits:
  • - No private vehicle or public transport fuel / electricity consumption or emissions (Transport represents 18% of Australia's greenhouse gas emissions).
  • - No need for industrial air conditioning and heating (which account for a significant portion of energy usage).
  • - No need for concrete office block (Cement is the source of about 8% of the world's carbon dioxide emissions).
  • - No wasted energy on leaving lights on overnight.

    Health advantages:
  • - Improved control over managing the spread of viruses and germs (Less people confined to small public spaces such as public transport).
  • - Private homes have fresh air, not circulated air conditioning.
  • - Reduced stress. Feeling too overworked or stressed? Working from home allows you to take a break, meditate or go for a walk to reset the mind without being judged or being disruptive to your co-workers.
  • - Easier to prepare healthy meals and follow a diet.

    Cost advantages:
  • Cost savings can be made in the areas of:
  • - Building maintenance contractors (fire systems, HVAC, etc.).
  • - Car parking space and government levy.
  • - Coffee machines / water coolers.
  • - Commercial office cleaners.
  • - IT network and associated staff.
  • - Facility management.
  • - Leasing agents.
  • - Less waste (e.g. lunch at home instead of take away food, coffee in a non-disposable cup etc.).
  • - Office space rental.
  • - Reception staff and facilities.
  • - Security staff and patrols.
  • - Window cleaners.
  • - Tax deductible home office expenses.

    Time advantages:
  • - No wasted time commuting.
  • - No ad-hoc staff meetings.
  • - No interruptions from passing staff.
  • - Flexible work schedule.

With growing concerns to the environmental impact of running a business, many business owners are now looking to a working from home model to take advantage of the many benefits.